About us

Who are we? An extraordinary collection of people who have a shared passion, namely how we can cleverly combine the ambitions of organisations and the ideas and qualities of the people who work for them. This happens through an effective and inspiring interaction among people to stimulate, to organise and to guide, to generate better results for the organisation and to increase the energy levels and satisfaction of the people that work there. This strengthens everyone, every day. So our mission is: interact to improve.

Room for talent

We apply this same idea to our own team. We believe that you can only shine if you can be yourself as much as possible. If you can work in an environment in which there is trust, freedom and flexibility; can make choices, and so can make mistakes. All our team members have their own knowledge, experience, character and ambitions. That is why we always sit down together at the start of each assignment, to see which consultant is best suited for the job. This process is done honestly and fairly so that everyone can do what inspires them, meaning that we all perform at our best!

Continuous development

A shared driver for our team is continuous development, as people and as professionals. We spend a lot of time on developing ourselves, including working in small groups, and as a whole team for 12 office days and a study trip every year. 30% of our time is devoted to developing ourselves, our organisation and our profession. The last of these is done together with various universities. We share the knowledge that we develop far and wide, through our knowledge library, our Internal Communication Academy and in various books.

Organisation and way of working

Involve was set up in 1994 by Ilse van Ravenstein. For many years it comprised a small group of pioneers, but has now grown to around 20 passionate professionals. Since the very beginning, our modus operandi has been based on common sense. Why work in one office if you all live in different places? We prefer to work on location with the client or from home, and work together with each other using virtual platforms or meeting up. We share the most important organisational tasks among ourselves.

Work satisfaction and added value for clients: these are always our priorities. For both to be achieved, the company must be making a profit. That is why we regularly discuss if the balance between these three elements is good.

We work together with a network of professionals with specific expertise, such as daughter agency  Evolve, who are specialists in internal social media in internal communication. We also work with training and coaching organisation Subconscious Impact. A large number of Involvers are trained as trainers and coaches using Subconscious Impact’s interview and conversation method. Furthermore, by working together with Sentensor we can measure the impact of changes, for team development we can collaborate with Verbetervermogen, and with an app from Ilumy we can facilitate better meeting and consultation processes for organisations.

Core values

For many years, we have been guided by three core values. Expertise is what binds us together and drives us. Therefore we always aim to sharpen our expertise and push the boundaries. Pragmatism is essential, as our profession must not only be interesting, but must also produce results for our clients. And finally the value that is a synonym for our name: engagement. This is in our profession, with our clients and with each other—as well as with society as a whole, which is why we choose a charity to support every year.

Work at Involve

What do you think about what you’ve read on this site? If you are thinking, ‘yes, this matches what I am looking for,’ then perhaps we are looking for you too. We are open to spontaneous applications from consultants at all levels, as well as students looking for an internship to combine with their final-year thesis. What is essential if you want to work for us? It’s actually very simple. You will be a match for us if you think and work at an academic level, are genuinely interested in how organisations work and how people work within them, are pragmatic, have a healthy dose of self-confidence and are flexible around time, mind-set and distance.