Involve for alignment

Strategic alignment means that all employees in an organisation have the same objectives, and are motivated to help achieve these objectives in their work, every day.

This is especially challenging when there is a new brand or organisation strategy, or when two organisations, after a merger or acquisition, together follow a new course. In these situations, it is essential that all colleagues quickly experience that the new strategy is also for them, so they can embrace it, help implement it and be proud of it.

But how do you achieve that? A new strategy may still be abstract, and not everyone may see the point straight away. We help organisations create and execute alignment programmes that actively involve managers and employees in designing the strategy and translating it into their daily work.

Specific ways we can help you

An inspiring strategy story
Guide executives and management teams to develop an inspiring strategy story in words and images, to bring the essence and meaning of the strategy to life.

Build a leading coalition
Enable senior managers and other (opinion) leaders to work together as a team to guide the operationalisation and execution of the strategy.

High-impact meetings
Design and facilitate interactive meetings with managers and/or employees, to give meaning and form the strategy and to transform it into daily practice.

Strengthen line communications
Strengthen the communication and interaction skills of managers and employees. Equip managers and supervisors to engage their teams in translating the strategy and putting it into practice. Develop practical tools to help teams with this.

Communication media
Develop resources and platforms that reach employees and have an impact, and that employees use, on a daily basis. These also support an interactive communication process.

Communication management and monitoring
Execute and manage the alignment programme. Monitor the extent to which the strategy ‘lands’ in the organisation and how active the employees are engaged with it.