Involve for change

A financial institution that wants to innovate more quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. A construction company that realises that digitalisation and sustainability are going to drastically change the sector. A public services organisation that needs to see citizens as customers. A transportation company that wants to be more performance-focused.

These are all examples of organisations in which things must fundamentally change in order for them to stay successful. Often, change impacts various organisational elements: processes, management/governance, systems, products and services, as well as culture and behaviour.

Change programmes may offer building blocks for change, but ultimately teams have to make them work successfully every day. We develop effective communication and change programmes to actively involve teams, while helping managers to direct change clearly and inspirationally.

Specific services

Inspiring story of change
Guide executives and management teams to develop an inspiring story of change that will motivate employees.

Build a leading coalition
Enable senior managers and other (opinion) leaders to work together as a team to guide the change process.

Strengthen line communications
Strengthen the communication and interaction skills of managers and employees. Equip managers and supervisors to engage and stimulate their teams. Develop practical tools to help teams with this.

High-impact meetings
Design and facilitate interactive meetings with managers and/or employees, to give meaning to change and to translate it into concrete actions.

Communication media
Develop resources and platforms that reach and influence employees, and that employees use, on a daily basis. These also support an interactive communication process.

Communication management and monitoring
Execute and manage the communication and change programme. Monitor how people experience and shape the change, as well as the extent to which people’s most important daily decisions are consistent with the promise of change.