Involve for collaboration

Why does collaboration between people, departments or various hierarchical levels appear to be so difficult? Departments may focus on their own priorities and fail to align with others. People may not know each other well enough, or simply have no clue who to look for. Consequently, teams might be working ineffectively – or in parallel on the same thing. A lack of collaboration often leads to poor efficiency, motivation and engagement.

Communication is an important element for improving collaboration. First and foremost, this is about structure  – are the right connections and meeting structures in place? Is it clear who is responsible for what? But it is also about the content and the process – the way in which communication occurs. We help organisations to analyse their current communication in these terms, and to make the necessary improvements— from targeted action for a specific part of the organisation to a wholesale review of the communication and meeting structure.

Specific services

Scan or audit
What are the key roles in communication and collaboration? How does the current communication structure function? What is the current communication climate? Which changes are necessary to strengthen collaboration? All these questions are answered by taking the specific organisational context into account.

Strengthen communication structure
Develop and implement a new communication and meeting structure. This can involve communication tools and channels: internal social media, intranet, newsletters, magazines, etc. But it can also be about changing the structure of meetings, and guiding people to properly fulfil their roles in the new structure.

Strengthen communication culture
Improve the communication climate in the organisation. Strengthen the quality of personal communication and meetings. This includes specific training sessions and tools for stronger communication and interaction skills.

It is possible we will together conclude that a change programme is required. If so, we will happily guide you through this.