Involve for engagement

It is clear that engaged employees achieve greater organisational success, as well as being happier and healthier. The issue is how to engage employees, and keep them engaged. And what do you do if the engagement levels are lower than desired?

We know interesting and challenging work helps, as do good terms of employment. But the most important conditions for engagement are: clear objectives that people can identify with, good relations and collaboration, and having influence at work. In an ideal situation, people have a good idea of their own role and how they bring added value to the organisation as a whole. They enjoy working together as they have the same priorities as their colleagues, and because, by consistently having these priorities in mind, they see concrete results from their efforts.

Organisations that know how to create focus in this way also perform best. We help organisations to achieve this by conducting an in-depth analysis of the hindrances to engagement, and by crafting an effective improvement programme.

Specific services

Research and analysis
Through an (existing) engagement survey and/or qualitative analysis, establish what the most significant sticking points are, as well the most effective levers for improvement. Ensure that the outcomes are well communicated, by leading discussions on the outcomes, or by training managers to discuss them. In addition, make sure that the feedback is visibly acted upon.

Develop improvement programme
Together with management, HR and other actors, develop an action plan to improve engagement.

Strengthen shared focus
Develop and lead a programme to strengthen the connection between the organisation’s objectives and each team’s objectives and activities. (See also: Involve for alignment)

Strengthen communication within teams
Targeted activities to strengthen the relationships and collaboration within teams, both among colleagues and between teams and leaders. For instance, these can focus on the effectiveness of the work consultations or the interaction and meeting skills of team members and leaders.

Improve collaboration among teams
Targeted activities to ensure the right communication structure and an effective communication process, so that departments and teams work well together. (See also: Involve for collaboration)