Our vision

Engaged employees determine the success of an organisation. Organisations change and renew themselves in response to developments in the outside world. This only works when people strongly connect with what their organisation stands for, and work actively on a daily basis to realise these shared ambitions.

In this process, internal communication and leadership are essential to ensure focus and shared ambitions that people can connect to, as well as good collaboration between departments, teams and employees. Over the years, we have learned that good internal communication stems from the following three factors:

1. An interactive communication process in which managers and employees play an active role and, where possible, contribute to organisational goals with their own expertise.

2. Clear direction from the top and from other (opinion) leaders, based on a convincing vision or story of change.

3. Effective support in the form of an internal communication structure, alongside resources, tools and training courses that allow managers and employees to perform their communication role.

In our approach, interaction, leadership and active engagement from employees are all crucial. Why? Because people in organisations often occupy different worlds, with differing views on reality. It is only through dialogue that shared ambitions and shared solutions emerge. Leadership must be facilitative and provide direction. This gets people engaged, creates new values collaboratively, and contributes to an organisation’s success. And this is what we work together with our clients to achieve: not as a one-off action, but as a continuous element of their organisations’ communication.