Ellen van den Haak

With over 30 years of experience in the (international) profit and non-profit sector, Ellen knows the strategic, tactical and practical aspects of communication and interaction within organisations inside out. She also has experience with training and recruitment activities for (internal) communication specialists. Her strengths lie in practical approaches for complex issues, coaching, training, and she is near-native English. Ellen is interested in translating changes, strategies and stories from organisations to the daily work , so that employees know what and how they can contribute to the bigger picture.

Ellen’s business card: a firm handshake

That firm a handshake, that when you release hands, you can still feel the handshake and the connection with one another, while remaining yourself. That’s how internal communication should work: as a handshake that guides you to what it’s all about in an organisation and that helps you to perform best in your own role while contributing to the organisational goals.

"To me the essence of internal communication is connecting with a goal that contributes to the ambitions of an organisation."