Hilde de Jong

For Hilde, communication is all about making a connection between people and creating unity and commonality. Hilde is an enthusiastic and committed consultant. She is trained and experienced in intercultural communication. Her strength lies in her empathetic power and her drive to connect (with) people.

Hilde’s business card: holding hands

Am I aligned with the strategy of the company I work for? Do I feel I have a connection with my colleagues and my managers? Communication is all about connection. The African Ubuntu philosophy summarizes the essence of communication and unity in these five words: I am because we are. For my business card, I chose the image of a group of people holding hands and forming a circle, they each form a small part of a bigger whole. The circle exists because these people hold hands, because they are connected. I believe this connection to be a key component in successful communication. In my work as a communication professional, my aim is to connect people to each other and to the organization they work for.

"Genuine interest, being open to the other and a healthy dose of self-reflection are key components to establish fruitful communication. These components contribute to creating a space where people respect each other and bring out the best in themselves and others."