Ilse van Ravenstein

Ilse founded Involve about 25 years ago and has always been the driving force behind it’s development. With  over 30 years of experience Ilse is a communication specialist with a broad organisation perspective. She focusses on change programs, strategy communications and helping others to interact effectively. Ilse thinks fast, sees what is needed and comes tot the point. She simplifies complex situations, always comes up with a different angle and new solutions to a challenge. She is highly interested in what moves people and how we can make organisations (even) better for their people.

Ilse’s business card: the bottom side of a mushroom

Ilses’ personal image is the bottom side of a mushroom. And not just because the name of the Involve office is ‘De Paddenstoel’ (Dutch for mushroom).  “Mushrooms grow mostly under the surface, but are leaving their traces across a wide area. I want to truly leave a trace too, so that after I am gone, the effect is sustainable and lasting. Because I feel communication should serve a clear goal and needs to be effective.

""Communication needs to be effective. I want to truly leave a trace’. "