Lotte Lemmen

Lotte is a driven online marketeer with a great sense of responsibility. Her strength is her talent for organizing and scheduling. Lotte enjoys writing content. Internal Communication has her interest and her drive is to combine online marketing and internal communication to create effective employee marketing such that employees turn into the ambassadors of your organization.

Lotte’s business card: reading between the lines

Everybody communicates, but not everybody makes the effort or uses the tools to pinpoint the core of messages. Every sentence is send by someone intending to bring a particular message across, with a particular purpose in mind. But the receiver may interpret the message in their own way. I am comparing this phenomenon with the lines of a text. What is written down literally, is not necessarily reflecting the literal meaning. You have to read between the lines and uncover metaphors to get to the core. This takes effort, a great deal of thought and depends on many environmental factors.

In my view this holds true for organizations too: you need to look beyond the visible patterns and intentions to understand the true question or problem. That is why asking smart questions, showing empathy and taking time to look into all the possible motives and external factors is so important. In online marketing you cannot just look at the written or spoken sentences either. An example: website users keep closing a specific page on a website. To lower the bounce rate, interpretation of why that is, is needed. Is the page just not attractive enough or is there something else going on? What information are people looking for and how can you close the gap between the needs of the website user and the actual content? I enjoy helping to read between the lines and search for the deeper meanings or intensions and so start making a real impact!

"You have to read between the lines to get to the core of messages."