Lysanne Beekhof

Lysanne is a communication professional  experienced  in change, internal communication and interaction. Having an inquisitive mindset, she integrates the needs and interests of all stakeholders  in a pragmatic approach.

Lysanne’s business card: Binoculars

Lysanne’s business card shows binoculars. “I love to travel and discover the world with an open mind for different ways of thinking and acting. My open mind is also my key feature  as a professional, since no two organisations are alike. I enter organisations with great curiosity and an ability to empathise with other. My objective is to create a better understanding between people, help others to see the each other’s perspective and  develop new ways of working . For me, these are three powerful means to support people in achieving their goals together.

"Supporting people and organisations in realising their goals through better understanding between people, helping them see each other’s perspective and creating new ways of achieving goals together."