Maatje Vos

Maatje is a consultant with international experience in change processes. Due to her background as a cultural anthropologist and her experience as an HR manager, she understands the complexity and importance of the human aspect in organizations. She gets energized by complex issues which require a deep understanding of what motivates people. She believes this knowledge is the foundation for successfully implementing strategies and projects.

Maatje’s business card: Quinoa plant

When the quinoa plant is in bloom, it shows her beautiful, colorful flower buds. This is how I have seen this plant in her original environment many times: in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the country where I lived in recent years. Now, back in the Netherlands, I can see the quinoa plant standing just as fierce in my family’s vegetable garden. Peru and the Netherlands, two completely different environments. What does the quinoa owe its success to? She is a unique plant that adapts to its environment, allowing it to blossom under changing and stressful conditions. For me, this is representative of organizations. Wherever they are located, whatever they do, their strength lies in their ability to adapt to the current environment. Only if the culture, people, strategies and processes of the organization are capable of constant change, the organization will flourish.

"It's the people and culture that can really make an organization thrive. "