Milou Verhaegh

Milou has over 17 years of experience working as a decisive consultant in the communication profession. With her energy, empathy and focus on results, she moves easily in organizations, both in the workplace and in boardrooms. Milou combines her pragmatic approach with the patience to really bring out the core of an organizational issue. With her extensive experience as a senior spokesperson, she knows better than anyone what the consequences may be if what an organization wants to propagate externally, is not felt internally. She always automatically holds internal activities against the light of the outside world. In recent years, Milou has focused on internal communication and change. She has been able to guide and implement several major change processes and has experienced the successes and pitfalls in this. She believes that the power of a change process lies in sincerity and interaction.

Milou’s business card: The trunk of a tree

The trunk of the tree provides connection and nutrition from the roots to the leaves and vice versa. That way the tree stays healthy and is able to grow. The trunk is never detached, but is always part of the entire tree. I see communication as a trunk, she provides the connection and interaction within an organization, whether it is bottom-up or top-down. With this she sets the whole in motion. Communication does not stand alone and adds value as part of the whole. The trunk of a tree ensures that it gets the leaves in the sunlight. Communication also has the role to literally as well as figuratively put its employers in the light, and thereby generate energy. In this way an organization has impact and is able to grow.

"The power of a change process lies in sincerity and interaction."