Petra van den Bosch

Petra has over 15 years of experience as an involved senior advisor and manager in a wide range of sectors, particularly in the field of change communication. In these years she has acquired the knowledge and set of skills to quickly get to the core of complex organizational issues in for instance strategic communication, HR and IT. To achieve this she prefers creative and conceptual thinking.

Her strength lies in making the translation between the human side and the ambition of the organization. Her empathy and organizational sensitivity are incredibly useful in this process. These characteristics enable her to feel and respond to what people in the organization need to get moving and achieve results together. Petra is structured and brings a clear overview to the table during these processes. Her positive attitude in life makes people enjoy working with her. Petra is interested in getting organizations moving by making the right connections between top management and the workplace. Working together in depth for meaningful change and taking concrete steps in the right direction

Petra’s business card: a pearl

“Loose sand and shaping a clear process make a beautiful pearl. You cannot see the pearl at first. This beauty is hidden in an oyster under the sea and only if you have been deep under water and went through great efforts to open the oyster, then you can see the end product of the hard-working oyster. I feel the same way about change; only when you have made an effort to filter the ‘loose sand’, you really know what you want to achieve, you are willing to dig deep to discover where the core lies and where you want to go, then you can make the desired change and achieve the matching result. From rough, small and insignificant to a successful transformation. You really have to go into depth together to achieve significant change and expose true beauty, in whatever form it comes.โ€



" Significant change is achieved by meaningfully going into depth"