Sjanet Bonte-Albada

Sjanet has broad experience in the communication field, both in external and internal communication. She specialised in internal communication, while developing communication structures, leading change processes and equipping communicators in their communication roles. Her strengths lie in sharp and analytic insights in how all parts can be connected, her empathy, creativity and a continuous search for innovative solutions. She is interested in what moves people and organisations, and in where and in what way connections can be made. Sjanet enjoys discovering the contribution of communication in these connections and initiates movement from there.

Sjanet’s business card: camera lens

In essence communication is about making real contact to strengthen the power in people and objects. Just like a photographer would do that in a picture. They would achieve this by paying attention to details as well as to the overall image. All is important: what can be seen, but also what cannot be seen of the environment, objects and dynamics. To make sure everything gets the appropriate attention, the photographer has to make the right choices. It is only optimal (and potentially ever changing) coordination that will deliver the best result: that photo that keeps on touching its spectator. This is how communication contributes to touching people, by eliciting the power and energy within them to make movement happen. This requires a clear vision and a bright view of everything that is at play, as well the right steps to be taken. I would be pleased to support this.

"Movement can only happen if there is real contact."