Tim van der Snoek

Tim advises and realises in communication and change. His keen analytical skills enable him to identify and understand issues regarding communication roles and responsibilities and to clarify those effectively resulting in a structural communication and change approach. Tim is intrigued by the impact of new technologies on organisations and its employees in particular. He experimented for example with the implementation of virtual reality as an internal communication tool.

Tim’s business card: A grass cutting spade

Sport teams have their own unique tactics to reach goals. To execute tactics smoothly, an impeccable lawn without unevenness and pits is needed. For that reason so called fieldmanagers take care of the pitch using spades.

In the same way we take care of an organisation’s playground as communication and change consultants. We take care by enabling organization tactics play and smooth collaboration, creating space for clear roles and responsibilities between players in and around organisations and contribute to the organizational goals.


"To enable organization tactics play and smooth collaboration"